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Sony digital camera in the Cyber-shot series. Shoots 6 MP photos and is released in 2006.

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Sony DSC-F505V can't read memory card (C:13:01)

Hi guys, sorry if I took the wrong device in this post, I'm new here and mine wasn't showing so I took the closest one I could find.

I got a problem with my old Sony DSC-F505V, and I'm hoping to find someone who could help me diagnose the following problem. I have bought a Memory Stick Duo Adapter (MSAC-M2) last week and I received it yesterday. I fitted a 1GB Pro Duo card in it to try it out (I pulled it out of my Sony DSC-H2, works well with it), and it doesn't recognize the card.

I got the error C:13:01, which is to reinsert card, I did that a couple of times but wasn't working. I got two hypotheses for that error :

- Camera doesn't recognize the adapter
- Pro Duo card is too big, storage wise

Note : I tried to format the card externally, using the adapter and without. Format did work, my PC recognized it well but not the camera.
I tried to format the card using the camera but the error took over and I couldn't do it.
Note 2 : I bought this camera in a garage sale, sold as working for a low price without a memory stick, so that's why all of this adapter business is going on. It seemingly doesn't have water damage and seems to work well without the card even if the "No memory stick" message appears.

I tried to remove the battery, clean the contacts, inserting the memory stick back and forth but no apparent difference. Maybe the 1GB pro duo card is too big in storage for that camera? I don't know.

What could it be? Thanks in advance for your answers guys.

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Hi @kiiboidabashi

The PRO Duo 1GB memory stick that you're trying to use is not compatible with the camera and is also too big in capacity anyway

Looking at a Sony memory compatibility chart, your model can only use a Memory Stick (with MagicGate) or Memory Stick Duo (with MagicGate) having a maximum 128MB capacity

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Ohhh, didn't knew there was a compatibility chart, I should've checked that out before! Thanks for the help, I'll look for an earlier memory stick with the right storage.

Thanks a lot again!


Oh, I got another question.

What if I find a 64MB pro duo card (or compatible) and use it with the adapter? Is the adapter still usable?



According to the chart, the Pro Duo card is not compatible at all, regardless of capacity.

Only the two types of cards I mentioned in my answer.

Click on the blue "memory compatibility chart" link in my answer.

Your model is the first in the list


Oh right! I thought the smaller format was pro duo.

I'll keep that in mind, thanks again!


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