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Das am 16. September veröffentlichte "kleinere" Flaggschiff-Smartphone von Apple verfügt über ein 6,1 Zoll ProMotion-OLED, ein rückwärtiges Kamerasystem mit drei Linsen, 5G und eine neu gestaltete Dynamic Island um die Frontkamera und die oberen Sensoren. Es ist der Nachfolger des iPhone 13 Pro.

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iPhone 14 & 14 Pro Screen Compatibility

Are the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro screens interchangeable? I know that the 12's have screens that are compatible, just wondering if it's the same with the 14's?


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Hi Scott,

Generally one of the main differences between the standard and "pro" models is the screen. In the case of the iPhone 14 the specs are very close, but on iPhones close isn't good enough. If you go through the official Apple specs for the two screens, here's what they say.

iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Pro

The differences here are very slight, but definite. the 14 has a resolution of 2532 x 1170 while the 14 Pro sports 2556 x 1179. The size is ever so close, but again not quite the same; the 14's diagonal comes in at 6.06 inches while the 14 Pro lists 6.12 inches.

Outside of size, there are other features that get added to the Pro model that the 14 doesn't get.

iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Pro

The Dynamic Island is the cutout for the front sensors; in the Pro model they've reduced the area of the cutout which means the 14 sensors won't have the opening they need to see out of the screen.

Again, one of the big selling features to get you to buy a Pro model is that they have better displays, and Apple doesn't let you buy a 14 Pro screen and pop it onto a 14; it just won't work. The 14 doesn't have the hardware or software interfaces to support the extra features and it's doubtful the Pro screen will even connect up properly to the 14 in the first place.

So the TL;DR version is no, they're not interchangeable.

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Thank you for the thorough answer!


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