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Das erste iPhone Modell, A1203, mit 4,8 oder 19 GB Kapazität und einer Aluminium-Rückschale. Bei der Reparatur muss gehebelt und möglicherweise auch gelötet werden.

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Software: Firmware Upgarde Issue: Will not upgrade to 3.1.2 From 3.0

Hello my fellow ifixit community. I have a question which perplexes me. I have an original 8gb iPhone. I just updated the firmware from 2.0.2 to 3.0. Yes i know, it was long overdue, but this was for a client that needed their phone jailbroken and unlocked. After this was completed, i decided to update the phone firmware to 3.1.2. I tried over 10 times (13 to be exact. I tired with various versions of 3.1.2. (original firmware from apple, custom firmware, and firm downloaded from 3rd party sites), but the firmware didn't go through. Various different errors came up. I thought to myself, maybe i have to upgrade this firmware by firmware (Ex. 3.0, 3.0.1, 3.1, 3.1.2, etc.). This didn't work. The only firmware that would download into this phone is 3.0 . This phone has never been dropped or open. So i ask you, my fellow ifixit community, what could possibly be the problem.

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Have you tried putting the device into DFU mode before restoring the firmware to it, if not, there might be either a problem with itunes, or the device, did you update itunes to the newest version (9.0.3) and also, i believe apple released firmware 3.1.3 (For iPod touch at least)

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yes, iPhone OS 3.1.3 was released last week for all models of iPhone and iPod touch


Yes, i have tried to put this iPhone in DFU mode. This is how i am able to jailbreak it on 3.0. I also tried to put 3.1.3 but it would not go though. I also updated to the latest version of iTunes. Still no good.


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