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Informationen zur Reparatur, Demontage und Fehlersuche beim Steam Deck mit LCD Display, eine tragbare Spielekonsole von Valve. Veröffentlicht am 25. Februar 2022 und erkennbar an der Modellnummer 1010.

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Where can I find parts not on iFixit?

Block Image

Block Image

I was doing a full case swap and accidentally broke part MEOJ24900KDL. It's the long ribbon cable that goes along the top vent. I've tried looking in few places but can't seem to track anywhere down to get a replacement. I also suspect I broke the ribbon cable from the display to the motherboard, but I might just buy the upgrade screen anyways, will see. Anyways, whatever help would be much appreciated!

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please check that part number


@mayer I did check it again and got the same number of the barcode. However I was using Google lens which might be the problem. Im going to try a different barcode reader but for now I just uploaded the pictures if the part and barcode.


I tried 2 more qr readers and got the same part number off of both.


@drevis25 what else does it say on the ribbon cable? To the left of the FPC....


@oldturkey03 Three things, 2248 TSF (in small print) F7A_MIC_FPC, in that order.


@drevis25 looks like the Mic Flex. Now just to find it......


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Hey guys I wanted to let you know I bought my replacement from for this eBay seller:


Mine hasn't arrived yet but I"LL keep you updated once is been installed


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Looks legit!!! You are my hero!!! I'll wait for an update before by but again it looks promising.


As soon I get it installed and tested I'll let you know 😉👍


Update: Mic Flex (F7A) arrived in great shape and good packaging.

I have made the installation and it worked flawless, I also upgraded the LCD to a 1200P from DeckHD and changed the shell for a clear version from Jsaux.


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@drevis25 given its a new device, I'd contact Steam and see if they'll let you purchase new parts directly. It may be a while before used parts start showing up on eBay, that usually only happens once warranties start running out.

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