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Mitte 2006 / Modellnummer A1181 / schwarzes oder weißes Gehäuse / 1,83 oder 2,0 GHz Intel Core Duo Prozessor.

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Will topcases number 922-8126 and 922-7886 work on my MacBook A1811?

I own a Macbook, the 2006 model, Macbook Core Duo A1181 (last 4 # of serial are: RVMN).

I wanted originally to buy the 922-8265: however, I can't find it with the Italian layout, which I need for the accented characters.

A local dealer would be able to sell me one of the aforementioned numbers: 922-8126 and 922-7886, whick I see here as the :

MacBook Upper Case with Keyboard (Black)

Would they be fine? Which one I should choose?

Is there any noticeable difference between 922-8126 and 922-7886?

MacBook Upper Case with Keyboard (Black) Bild


MacBook Upper Case with Keyboard (Black)


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The topcases are all interchangeble.

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8126 or 7886? Which would you ask to the seller if you were me?


They are the same. Apple sometimes issues different P/Ns for identical parts.


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