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Mitte 2006 / Modellnummer A1181 / schwarzes oder weißes Gehäuse / 1,83 oder 2,0 GHz Intel Core Duo Prozessor.

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Replacement LCD screen with shorter power cable and no iSight holes?

Hello. I bought a new LCD Panel for my laptop (Macbook Core Duo, serial ending in #RVMN). However, since I've got buttery hands, I had all shipped in the hands of a techie.

The Tech however told me that the display I got:

1. Has a power cable thats a couple of cm shorter than the original one, thus I wouldn't be able to close my laptop at all

2. Lacks the holes to screw on the iSight assembly.

See here:




I called the shop who sold me the screen, and they told me they could ship me, for free, an extension cable to plug on the power cable, and that I could just screw the iSight on its hinges and tape it.

Here's a picture of the extension cable


Otherwise, I can have the screen sent in a couple of weeks and get full refund.

I called the tech, who told me to go for the full refund, because the extension plug, according to him, wouldn't fit anywhere in the Core Duo.

Is that so?

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What a weird situation. I've never had that happen. If the inverter cable truly is too short, I'd take that as a hint and return the screen. I'd probably buy the replacement from another vendor too, again, taking this kind of weirdness as a bad sign. There's no way the extension is going to fit, and the vendor should know that if they have even the slightest clue about the machines they are selling screens for.

A1181 iSights have two sets of screw holes so that they are adaptable to various screens with holes in different places, but if the inverter cable isn't even long enough, I guess it wouldn't surprise me if the screw hole locations were also non-standard.

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I guess I'd go for the refund, then, since the monitor is still working save for a small hiccup, I'll take my time to find one from a more apt source.


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