Samsung fridge isn't cooling, but the freezer is perfectly fine

This isn't the first time this problem is happening, around 3 weeks ago I had the same problem, I reached out to sumsung and they gave me troubleshooting steps which I followed flawlessly. But the fridge was still not cooling. Then the technician from samsung told me the problem maybe occurring because I had ice frozen in and around the condenser unit in the back of the fridge.

I then followed a YouTube tutorial to open the panel and use a hair dryer to remove all the ice and it worked for a couple days.

But after a while the fridge stopped cooling past 14 degrees Celsius. The display was telling me the right temperature (3 degrees) but when I reset the breaker the temp on the screen went straight to 14 degrees and stayed there.

I opened the back panel again and here is what it looks like. Please help me. The local technician is asking 120 just for a visit then fixing with take extra whatever amount.

Block Image

Block Image

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