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Why cant I hear bass & sound from one of the speakers?

I canot hear sound from one of the speakers. I think this is may be due to some jack(connector between speaker and woofer) issue. Can any one plaease suggest how to rectify this?

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Maybe ur in mono instead of stereo and are speakers external or earphones or check ur sound settings good luck or it could be a bad connection. .somewhere


Are they powered separately from unit do they use batteries or adapter maybe a loose volume knob???


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You have multiple places to look:

1: Speaker wire. I've had micro-rips in my speaker wires from my kitten chewing on them. Inspect them closely to see if that may be your case. If it is, cut the wires, strip them,solder them back together, and insulate them with shrink tube or electrical tape.

2: Disconnect at the speaker. See if you can open your speaker up and inspect the connection on the speakers. Re-solder if necessary.

3: Main Board. Vibrations may have damaged components on the main board. If you can access the board, inspect it for any visual breaks in solder connections. If those all check out, try to see if you can identify any of the ICs. If you can find specs on the ICs you may be able to test them with a multi-meter to see if they match specs. If nothing else, tracing with a voltmeter can tell you where there's a power disconnect.

4: Also an option, if you have a wired speaker remote (like many of the Logitech speakers), there may be damage in the controller. Inspect it in the same manner as the main board.

If you give us the maker and model of your speakers we may be able to help you find more detailed diagnostic information. Good luck!

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Have a Logitech x540 speaker, can't hear any sound from it; think it's the power ic but not sure. Any help is truly appreciated.

Ferdi Wright

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I also have a speaker that only one audio jack works and it is a Z506 models Help!!!


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