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charger doesn't change from orange to green

hi, I've got my sons g4 a1134 plugged in to charge,yet now I've had the charger plugged in for the last 24 hours and the charging indicator won't change from amber to green. i try turning on the computer, yet nothing works.no sound,picture or a simple beep. what could it be?

please help?


i havent touched it at all. I've had it packed away for a little, and pulled it out the other day and put the charge on it for about 10 minutes then tried to turn it on but still nothing. i left the charger overnight and noticed the chargers light didn't change from orange to green.just stayed orange and still is orange if i turn the charger on. nothing was spilt on it, or done any type of work on it.

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Hey Nick, could you give us a little bit more information to help diagnose your problem? When did it stop turning on? Was anything spilled on it? Did it make any weird noises? Have you taken it apart at all?


Have you tried an SMC reset yet?


I've pulled out the battery and its still amber. i will leave the battery out and unplugged overnight and see it again tomorrow. if it still dent work it must be the dc board as the charger works fine on my cousins laptop. thanks for the help and ill keep you in touch.

by the way, whats a SMC reset? should i give that a go as well?


hi again

i just received my new dc in board and changed it. i had tried it and yet still nothing. no sound, no picture just silence. i had pulled out the battery and let it rest with computer for 24 hours and put it all together today, yet still nothing. is it for the bin or should i try something else?


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Pull your battery, and if the AC light stays orange with no battery attached, you've got a bad DC-in (the socket inside the computer).

Sometimes a DC-in will discharge and reset itself if you let the computer sit without AC or battery power overnight. So if the light is still amber with no battery attached, disconnect AC and battery, let it sit overnight, and then plug in the AC tomorrow and see if anything is different. But if not, you either have a bad DC-in or a bad board. Obviously, swapping the DC-in is the first step when trying to determine which of the two it is.

There is also a slight chance your AC adapter is bad, but 98% of the situations like I described it's going to be the DC-in.

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I add the same thing happened to an iBook I used to own. I got my DC-in soldered for a small fee in a local repair shop, and my iBook got fine for a couple of years (then it just died on me for an unrelated issue and I got my Macbook).

To test it I tried "moving around" the power cord plug until the light became green again. By pushing the plug up, I managed to temporarily reconnect properly the DC in. Then I brought the iBook to the repair shop.


Soldered?!?!? iBook DC-ins are 100% removable, so no soldering should be necessary. Low-quality PCs with non-removable DC-ins require soldering, but not iBooks. But anyway, you are right -- sometimes pushing the AC connector further in or twisting it around can make the light turn green, although if it requires that kind of effort, the DC-in is bad anyway and should be replaced.


Well, when I brought my iBook to the repair shop, they just redid the soldering between the DC-in board itself and the connector (basically, I've got for some time a jury-rigged DC-in). Guess the tech just wanted to avoid the hassle of buying a new DC-in board, but since it was cheap and the laptop worked, I didn't complain, nor I did ask for a "proper" DC-in.

I agree, for experience, on the first part: if you need to twist, push and prod the connector on the power cord in the DC-in board, the DC-in board is busted.


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i look up SMC reset but i can't even do that as the laptop doesn't light up, make a sound or really anything. just dead.

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