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Guides for popcorn machine and popcorn popper repair.

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Bonsenkitchen Popcorn Maker Model PM8901 Won't heat, blow air

I recently changed my popcorn type to mushroom type. I think this may have caused it to overheat more than typical. I suspect this type might need more heat to pop.

While popping, the machine stopped working (It turns off if overheating.) It stopped working and now will not work when plugged in.

It has an on/off switch which will light when on, so I know it's not a cord issue.

Is this repairable? How do I find out?

I became impatient, and tried to open it. Hiding under the rubber feet are screws with y shaped slots. I have never seen this type, are they common? Also there are two Phillips head screws, these are deeply recessed, I am not sure I can get to them with the screwdrivers I own.

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Tri-point screws with their special tool to screw and unscrew them. Made to prevent access. Once you shop for a tool or custom make your own, be sure the power plug isn't plugged into a wall outlet. What you might find in one of the power wires is an inline thermal fuse with shrink wrap to shield the crimped ends from making contact with the chassis. If you can slice the shrink tubing away to examine the thermal fuse (labeling and rating), you can measure it for continuity; good ones measure as a wire to allow current flow, a blown one from overheating will measure as an open circuit between ends. Continuity testing is using the resistance setting on multimeters.

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Thank you for the reminder to not be connected to power! I will first find a long skinny Phillips and see where that gets me in opening the appliance. When operating, this device would shut off temporarily when overheated. I don't know if that component could have failed. ( I really liked this feature since I once melted an unattended hot air popper.)


Beware of repeated overheating. Protective devices are meant for occasional use, not for repetition. Some appliances use old school mechanical overload protection; a bimetallic element like older home thermostats that bends in proportion to heat and cold, opening/closing electrical contacts. Your popcorn maker may use this device instead of the thermal fuse but I don't know without wiring diagrams. Older refrigerators without electronics and old room air conditioners used this type of overload device. It would make a loud click when it shut off power, click again when it cooled down and allowed power to the appliance. Try searching for owner's manual and/or wiring diagram. Best case scenario if this is beyond your skill level is finding a friend or relative knowledgeable about small appliance repairs or seeking a local appliance repair person with reasonable rates.


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