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People hear me bad on the phone

Hello, since I changed my battery on my iPhone XS following the tutorial on ifixit, people can't hear well on the phone.

At first, I thought it was the microphones. However, when I tested each one separately with the Auphonic application, I realized that they were working normally.

I then thought the problem lay with the network. But when I tried it out with a SIM card from another operator (I tested Orange, whereas I'm with Prixtel, the SFR network), I realized that it wasn't that, because people still hear me badly even after changing SIM cards. As far as the network is concerned, to be precise: I can hear the people I speak to very well, I've never had any problem with that. The only problem is that they can't hear me. So I'd be surprised if it was the network coverage that was faulty, or the connection to the telephone server.

Taking a step back, I'm thinking that maybe it's my phone's ability to send my voice over the telephone network that's failing (I hope I'm making myself clear...). Or, given that I was only able to test the microphones separately, maybe it's the combination of several of them during calls that's faulty... but if that's what it was, whatsapp calls wouldn't work, would they?

Anyway. I confess I don't know what to make of it. It's still quite problematic for me.

Do you have any ideas on how to solve this problem?

Thank you for your attention.

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2 Antworten

Well, i must say i have never heard of the testing software you’ve used, but to me it appears to still be the microphone that seems to be the issue, the sending of your voice you’ve talked about is rather unlikely because you’d have issues sending everything, such as texts, something I encourage you to do is to clean your ports, theres one on the top, it looks like a bar next to your camera, and the ones on the bottom, next to your charging port, you can clean these using a firm paint brush or toothbrush.

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Well, I cleaned every hole on my iPhone and when I send a voice message to myself, I still can't hear very good. But what is strange is that when I record a voice memo in the Voice Memos app, I hear myself perfectly well !

Also, I figured out that when I put on speaker mode during a call, the person I am calling hears me well. It's just when speaker mode is not enabled that people hear me bad... That's strange.


Potentially its the phone app then, or the number you called, try calling multiple people, but I recommend making sure you have at least 5gb storage free, not 1b tabs open, can you describe how the audio sounds though? Is it like a ringing, robot like voice, muffled, etc


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It's an iPhone XS issue that overtime gets worse. I cannot pinpoint the problem, but me and many friends with iPhone XS have the same issue, when calling other people they hear a very compressed voice, almost undecipherable but when switching to the speaker they hear much better.

Has anyone found a solution for that?

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