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Das Samsung Galaxy A40 wurde im April 2019 veröffentlicht.

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I dropped my samsung phone that fell into the water and now no charge

i dropped my samsung a40 in the toilet :( in 2020 and now in 2023 i found in and i tried to rivive it it seams that he wants to turn on only if he is connect to a charge but when i disconect the charger he dies he also tells me that his tempeture is too low and he is waits to get a normal tempeture so he can charge but he aint charging :(

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it sounds like a dead battery (in the way that it doesn't work). i fixit doesn't sell battery's for your model (and you cant buy any battery from ifixit if you dont live in the us) but you can find it easily on the internet,

the part number for the battery is EB-BA405ABE (search only the part number) just search the part number on google and select the reseller of your choice .

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