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Im Juni 2017 brachte Apple die Neuausgabe vom 13" MacBook Air heraus. Es erhielt den neueren Broadwell Intel Core i5 Prozessor, die Leistung und Akkulaufzeit stieg dadurch etwas an.

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Power Cable and Battery

I have been trying to find answers for this for the last few weeks.

I have a 2017 MacBook Air with the I7 processor. I’m on my second battery and second charger cord with this computer.

The first battery died after only about 500 cycles. The new battery had 289 cycles and the full charge capacity is (mAh): 6543.

My first charger started to brown close to the MagSafe Connector. I have also noticed that when the cord gets pretty hot when I’m charging the computer. I can hold the MagSafe but it is on the verge of being too hot.

I have also noticed that the left corner computer gets warm while in use. I have taken it apart and dusted it. I have also upgraded the thermal paste. I’m wondering if it is my I/O board that is the culprit.

I do need to add, I have also reset the SMC.

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A common issue this series suffered was damage from using a knockoff charger. What happens is the comparator logic gets damaged which allows the charger to over charge or in the case of the knockoff charger the charger doesn’t lower or stop charging. That explains why your battery swelled and could explain why the fresh battery is not working properly.

This will need someone with micro soldering skills and access to the SMD parts that are damaged.

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That is not what I wanted to hear.


Can you recommend an article about this? I am trying to do some research to weigh my options.


Here’s an example MacBook not charging battery, logic board repair

All of the MacBooks share the same charging design


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