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{A1989 / EMC3214}—Erschienen im Juli 2018. Das 13" MacBook Pro ist mit Quad-Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren und Intel Iris Plus integrierter Grafik ausgestattet.

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MacBook not starting after battery replacement

Replaced the battery on my 2018 Macbook Pro Touchbar, turned it on, and it started, Coconutbattery said it was at 100% battery health with 0 battery cycles. I took out the battery, used the adhesive strips to glue it in, and then put it back together. Now, when I try to start it, it shows no signs of life. I've tried reinstalling the battery several times, as well as starting the Macbook while plugged in. Is there anything else I could do? How else can I troubleshoot this issue? Thanks in advance :)

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Did you forget to fully shut down the system the second time? Refer to Step 1 in this guide MacBook Pro (13 Zoll, 2018, Touch Bar) Akku tauschen

At this point you need to connect a second Mac via USB-C using Configurator2 App to recover things.

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Thanks for the response! It looks like I did forget to disable auto boot before doing the repair. Will I be able to get the Macbook working again? If so, how do I go about doing that. Thanks again!


@maximm65709 - You need to leverage a second system to run Confurator2 apps


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