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The fourth version of Sony's famous Walkman cassette player, the WM-4 was introduced in 1983.

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Intermittent starting & slow playback question

Hi all.

Recently acquired a silver Sony Walkman WM-4. Installed new batteries, new belts and lubed gears. When pushing play sometimes it it will start and sometimes not. With the back off I can rotate the silver metal gear by hand and it will eventually begin to work. When it does come on the sound through the headphones sounds like your underwater. I can't seem to find any information showing where to adjust the speed on this model.

Thanks for any help or advice

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Hey man, I've got a similar issue, Just not the start up problem. I do however know how to change the playback speed. It's a very small potentiometer on the inside just next to the Battery case.

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Get a tiny flat head or a knife and turn it bit by bit, Watch putting the lid back on might mess it up again. Trial and Error.

I've got no fix for the flutter (underwater thing). Hopefully some good cleaning will make the difference.

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