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Reparatur- und Demontageanleitungen für Samsungs Flaggschiff-Android-Smartphone S21 Ultra, das im Januar 2021 veröffentlicht wurde.

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S21 ultra, yellow screen

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Hi. I have a Samsung S21 ultra a friend asked me to try and repair.

When searching similar faults, I only find "black screen" Where there are a few solutions. I've tried them, except factory reset.

I was wondering I any of you, could agree with me, that the screen is faulty and needs replacement.

My friend, if it is possible, would avoid factory reset, because the device isnt backed up.

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Hi Kim,

I have got exactly the same problem as yours on my S22 ultra I would like to know how you were able to fix it.


Most probably you have to replace the screen.


IMcRoni have you experienced similar issue in the past


@ifeoluwa31871 Something similar on an iPhone 14 Pro Max symptom wise yes. The screen was entirely green. The reason behind that was the frame being removed from the LCD display, because of fall damage, thus giving that green display. On Android is different though and this has never happened to me before. One thing for sure LCD displays are extremely delicate. The smallest nudge can damage the whole scren.


@ifeoluwa31871 I have an S22 Ultra myself and curved screens are delicate to deal with so they're more prone to breaking if not cared properly. If it fell you have to replace the screen. If you threw it on the bed or on the table most probably the connections are loose.


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Hi Kim,

This is an odd one. It doesn't look like any screen failure I've seen before so I'm afraid it's not a slam dunk to just say, "replace the screen". The half circle at the top somewhat resembles a cracked screen; if you shine a flashlight on it and look at it through a magnifying glass you may or may not be able to see an actual crack in the glass. If you do see a crack then I'd say it's a strong indication of a broken screen, but it's not necessarily conclusive if you can't.

I know it sounds wishy washy, but there's no strong indication of a screen problem, but on the other hand there's not that much else that it could be. Can you power down the phone and turn it back on again? If so, does it come back to the same screen immediately or is there anything else displayed? Does the phone give indications of working "normally" other than the fact that you can't see anything on the screen? Does it respond when you call or text it from another phone? Does it connect to a computer? Give you an indication when you plug it into a charger?

I'd say if it was mine I'd probably try and open up the back and unplug the battery for a while then plug it back in and see if anything changes when you try to power it up. In the absence of any other progress, replacing the screen is really all you've got left at that point.

Update (09/29/23)

Yeah, I understand about these expensive screens; I felt bad telling my niece that $185 was the cheapest I could find a screen for her phone when she broke it.

At this point it really does sound like the screen is toast; to all appearances everything else is working. I'd say the one thing you can do before you break down and order a replacement screen would be to open the phone up and try reseating the display connector. Follow the screen replacement guide through Step 14 and unplug the battery, then skip to Step 18 and unplug the screen connector. I don't honestly think you're going to find anything, but for the sake of covering all the bases, check both sides of the connector with a bright light and a magnifying glass for any bent or broken pins and check the length of the cable for any sign of tears or damage. Assuming everything looks good there, clean the connectors with 90% or higher concentration isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, let them dry for a minute then plug everything back together and retest.

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Although it's theoretically possible for the connector to come loose due to drops and jars, in practice those connectors are held down pretty securely and almost never pop off.

At this point, assuming the problem is still there, there are only two valid possibilities; one, the screen is dead, or two, the motherboard is damaged and the graphics system has failed. Since you can't really do anything about the second scenario, you're left with the first of replacing the screen as your only real shot at fixing the phone.

Most of the screen vendors will let you return the screen as long as it hasn't been installed. Which means when you get the screen, open up the phone and go to the point of disconnecting the display as the instructions I gave you earlier show, then plug the replacement screen in without attempting to mount it or even remove the original screen. You should get a picture on the replacement to verify that it's going to solve the problem. If against all odds the new display shows the yellow screen then you can put the new screen back in the box and return it.

That's the best advice I can suggest for you right now, Kim. Hopefully that will help you get your friend fixed up without losing any data on the phone. Let us know how it all turns out!

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Thx for your answer Jerry.

Short story told, my friend had dropped the phone a few times, however, the problem occurred suddenly one day.

I can do the forced shut down (holding volume down + power button) I can feel it vibrate, and when it powers on, the yellow screen occurs. One time the yellow screen stayed on, and you could feel the touch working.

So I believe that the screen is broken, but before asking my friend to spend 200 dollars on a new screen, I thought it could be nice to get a second opinion.

I have added another photo, and a video. The video shows what's happening when the phone is on, and pressing the power button.


First of all Jerry, thank you for putting your time and thoughts here, I really appreciate it.

The way I see it, after some speculation, and of course reading your speculations, the only option is to open that darn phone up, and see what the hell is going on😅

I will take pictures if I find anything interesting, and I will keep you updated on the progress. It might take a couple of days tho.


Alrighty then, it took me some time to time to order a new screen (mostly due to companies not having the screen in stock, and in the waiting periode, I forgot it a little) 🙈

Nevertheless, a new screen did do the trick, and it was surprisingly easy to remove all the internal components, and reapply it to the new screen. To be sure that the screen was faulty, I attached it, before removing all the other components. After verifying that that screen worked, I tried the old screen again, to be sure, it didn't worked due to faulty connection, however, the old screen was still dead😁

The only problem I came across, was the backcover. I did not realize it is very fragile, and accidently crack it a little 😐 (I was probably using a bit of brute force)

I appreciate all of your comments, and hopefully, my experience can help others😁


@loekken That's awesome, Kim; I'm very happy you were able to fix your phone.

Don't feel bad about the back cover; I did a screen for a friend and ended up buying them a new cover because I broke it while trying to get it off, so it's easy to do as we both found out. The one I got cost about $15; I might have been able to find one cheaper but needed it quickly since I was already in the process of putting the phone back together.


$15 ?! %#*@, the cheapest one I can find cost me $55 😬

Well, nevertheless, this experience has made me quite sure about, never having a phone, with a LCD and a curved screen. I have a Motorola, wich i about 5-6 years now, and working quite all right, despite having survived several drops, and kids😅


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