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The fourth-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee was introduced in 2011. This model is also known as Jeep WK2.

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Still vibration at highway speeds

Having vibration issue. Can't seem to track it it down and I've already put way too much money into it. Vibrations mostly felt at highway speeds especially at about 70mph. I've so far done the following....

New rotors pads x4

New calipers x 4

Did not change brake hoses as they flowed fluid fine.

New center cv shaft

New motor mounts x2

New tires. Road force balanced

New wheels/rims balanced

New front wheel hubs

I need help it's all I got for a single dad. Issue has driven me near to crazy town hahaha. Thanks for any help we appreciate it.

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I forgot to mention it's 2014 jeep grand cherokee overland. V6.


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Hi @damos39390

Did you check if the front shock absorbers are OK e.g. no leaks, working OK etc?

Park the vehicle on level ground and then go to a front corner of the vehicle and push down on the corner as hard and as far as you can and then let go.

Do this rapidly 3 or 4 times to set up a rocking motion in the car. When you let go for the last time check how many times it continues to bounce on its own.

Do this on both sides at the front of the vehicle.

Normally it should just rise up and then settle back to the at rest position although it may bounce just once more and then stop.

If it continues to bounce a few more times then the shock absorbers need replacing.

Faulty shock absorbers can cause vibrations to be felt, especially at highway speeds.

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Appreciate that. That seems ok. It has the air ride suspension. It's odd. Vibrates I can feel as low as 40s sweet spot is around 68 to 72 mph. Even if I put it in neutral at that speed same vibrations. I've had new front bearings. Center drive shaft, motor mounts, new wheels and tires and brakes galore hahaha. Cv axles? Rear wheel bearings? Transfer case? I'm at a massive loss.


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