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Mitte 2006 / Modellnummer A1181 / schwarzes oder weißes Gehäuse / 1,83 oder 2,0 GHz Intel Core Duo Prozessor.

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Topcase - superdrive side: how can I make it fit more flush?

Hello. I've got a Macboook A1181, last numbers RVMN.

I got a new topcase installed, but I couldn't make it flush over the DVD, and sometimes the DVD came out "spotted", with dark splotches on the top part them. Not scratches: passing with the finger, I could clean them.

I tried removing the yellow pieces of duct tape in the small "protusion" that should enter in the grey pieces over the DVD bezel... but I fear I did something really wrong.

Have I? Any idea to make it more flush?

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I'll bring back to my friend with all the snazzy instruments on monday and I'll move the superdrive. Thank you. With the topcase slightly unscrewed it works better, despite the bulge. So, there must be something making the laptop "bloated" and pushing the case around.


Done! After I had, with the help of a tech, the Superdrive reseated, the topcase matched exactly the bottom case.

Then, it spit out a small piece of the textile (i can see a small gap by now...), and now it's working fine and peachy.

I guess it can be considered solved, can't it?


Good work, bravo !!


I opened another question, because now my Superdrive act up only when I use a certain, concave, "bowlshaped" cooling pad.

With a flat one, it's perfect. I guess the bottom case just hates being deformed.

But well, the "bravo" goes to you and ReMac. I wouldn't ever be able to fix something like that alone.


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The (capton) tape you can do without. It usually stick only one time anyway. Have you paid attention to the four grey plastic clamps on the chassis? They sit right above the eject side of the DVD drive. They should stay in their notches, open side pointing into the machine. The topcase should snap right in.

Also have a look at the routing of the hard disk wire and the bluetooth antenna on top of the drive.

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I managed to replace the capton tape. And about the four grey pieces of plastic... seems I can't manage to snap the four protusions of the topcase right in. I think that may be the issue.

I also notice they kinda "move" in the casing when I place the case, and they're not exactly adherent to the DVD. Maybe the friend who helped me with the fitting of the HDD cable pushed the DVD a bit behind?


There are 3 screws holding down the optical drive to the macbook bottom case: 2 screws on the hard drive side and one the other side of the drive where all cables are passing. That one is tricky to install cause there are many cables over it. Double check if the 3 screws are installed and pay attention to the tricky one. There should be no cable pinched under it. No cable should pass over the optical drive except the bluethoot cable antenna.

Concerning the four grey retainers, I always keep a small empty gap (1/16") between the right side of the retainer and the case and then snap the case in them.


I removed the topcase and tried your suggestion. I admit I didn't try to remove the superdrive yet. The superdrive seems flush, there are no weird cables around, and the BT antenna is in its lodging.

However, the case still feels a bit "bloated" on the right side, and my CD enter and exit with difficoult, as there were something locking them.

With the screws well tightened, my macbook started spitting out every single cd without reading them. When unscrewed them a notch, it started working again, albeit with a bit of friction and smearing my CDs.


Maybe you should remove the superdrive and check if there's a cable or something under it that could make pressure. These superdrive are pretty cheap. If the case has a deformation there could be a problem reading a disk.

Removing the drive would also give you the opportunity to open it and dust off the inside with compress air and clean the laser lens using isopropyl alcohol and a Q-Tip. Also, there's often a problem with the black textile at the entrance of the drive slot. This textile is glued in place but sometimes becomes curled and cause a restriction when inserting or ejecting the disk. Easy to repair with a drop of glue.


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