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The Samsung RF323TEDB is a French door refrigerator with a 33 cu ft capacity, featuring a filtered ice and water dispenser, Twin Cooling Plus system, FlexZone drawer for adjustable storage, spillproof glass shelves, and LED lighting.

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Freezer stopped working Fridge works fine.

Freezer stopped working the fridge and upper ice maker works fine. Error code 40 E and 21 E. I had a "guy" come out. He said the logic board was bad. He reset stuff and 3 days later he replaced the logic board and said he was 99.9% sure that would fix it. It didn't. In fact the upper ice maker stopped working while the fridge still worked. I complained he came out 3 days later and vacuumed out the Freon and refilled the system. Still had a error code 40 E. I noticed the unit was much colder overall. The freezer evaporator iced over but the fan would only turn on for a few seconds. I ordered a new freezer fan. When I was replacing the freezer fan today I noticed the evaporator go into a defrost mode while I was replacing the fan. I tested the fan before I put it all back together. It would run for about 15 seconds, shut off and about a minute later it would run for 15 seconds or so. The evaporator is definitely getting cold enough, I saw thin ice forming while I was in there. After I got it all back together, the temp readout quickly went from -1 to -8 but the fan doesn't appear to be blowing very hard if at all. It should be blowing hard but it's not. The only thing I can figure is something in the system is not telling the fan to run properly. Any ideas?

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Hi @charliea

Here's the page from the fast track troubleshooting guide showing what to check for a 40E error code.

I realize that you've replaced the fan but it may be a wiring problem between the fan and the control board e.g. loose wire crimp, broken wire, corroded connection etc.

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Which board tells the fan when to run and for how long? Also, would the sensor that is on the freezer evaporator coil cause this problem?



It shows it in the guide i.e. main pcb, connector #76 pins 1 & 5 -see p.5

Also on p.2 it details how to test the fans and has the thermistor resistance/temp chart as well

The sensor on the evaporator coil is most probably the defrost sensor (don't want to let the evap unit get too hot during defrost mode as it could be damaged) and not the one use for temp control in the compartment


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