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Apple wired keyboard with Numpad stopped working after power outage?

Hi, just like the title says, after the power outage my wired keyboard stopped working. Here's what I've tried so far;

  • SMC/NVRAM reset
  • All other USB ports on iMac
  • USB extension cable to all ports
  • Checked USB ports with another keyboard. It is worked, that's mean there are no problems with the ports.
  • Checked the broken Keyboard with PC, it didn't recognize (tried all ports on the PC, USB 2.0, USB 3.0)
  • Both USB ports (L/R) under the Keyboard also working
  • If I connect to another Keyboard to (L/R) under the Keyboard, it's working
  • Tried on Hackintosh, it didn't work

Another solution;

  • Power off the iMac
  • Disconnect all peripherals and Power
  • Hold down power button for 30 seconds
  • Reconnect power and turn on. Leave everything else disconnected.
  • Reconnect Keyboard
  • Repeat many times and this solution didn't work either

There is only one silly thing left that I didn't try, cos, this is the most stupid thing that I heard of. Washing Keyboard in the Dishwasher. I'm very close to try that.

Do you think it means the keyboard is short-circuited and can no longer be used?

What do you suggest more?

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It would be very unusual for a power outage to damage just the keyboard. If there was a power spike, I would expect the iMac power supply to take the hit. We’ll never know, so let’s focus on what we can.

The USB hub is still working as evident by the fact that devices connected to ports on the side are recognised. It can’t be a setting on the iMac interfering with the keyboard as it does not work on another host. This indicates a fault with the keyboard. I have no experience with opening one of these models for repair, so I can only suggest replacement.

You mentioned you had considered washing the keyboard. This model does not have any batteries so it would be “safe” if exposed to water. However, a dishwasher is a relatively high power sprayer and is likely to force water into tiny pockets in every nook and cranny of this device. It would be very difficult to dry and even harder to verify if was fully dry before use. Cleaning in the dishwasher is really only an option for dirt and goo. This seems like an electrical problem so it’s not likely washing will address your issue.

However, given it’s already broken, can it really be made any worse by putting in the dishwasher?

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