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Repair and troubleshooting information for GE brand dishwashers.

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The right leg won't hold any weight.

I was just starting the installation part, and anywhere there is a 10/16 drop off, so before I put the machine back I was adjusting the legs. The right leg doesn't hold any weight and the leg can come out of it's socket. I should say I did not buy this directly, but through Craigslist. The item had some freight damage, but is supposedly new. Do I just buy a piece of wood or something to place back there? At this point in time I am thinking that is my best solution. Thanks, for the help.

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I am having the same problem with the same leg. It just won’t screw in on the right front brand new dishwasher same brand.!



What is the model number of the dishwasher?

If the leveling foot doesn't hold its position when screwing it up or down, as it is a brand new dishwasher contact the GE customer service centre in your location to get it repaired or replaced under warranty.


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Hi @jsh0822

Sounds as though the thread in the hole in the frame where the leg screws into, is stripped or the leg has the wrong size thread.

If this is the case I'm wondering it it may be better to just use a suitably sized bolt and have a nut (and washer) on it either side of the threaded screw hole in the frame. e.g. bolt head > nut > washer > frame screw hole > washer > nut

Once in place you adjust the bolt to the required height and then tighten each nut towards the frame i.e. one on the inside (hidden by frame) and one on the outside (seen under the bolt head), holding it securely in place..

Here's a video that shows how to change the leveling leg in a dishwasher that may help.

Just what I'd do.

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