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Die Logitech 502 Lightspeed ist eine kabellose Gamingmaus, sie hat praktisch die gleichen Daten wie die kabelgebundene G502 Hero.

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Scroll wheel doesn't respond.

I used 70% isopropyl alcohol to remove fur on the inside of the wheel, but after waiting for the alcohol to dry, the scroll wheel started to respond less and less over time until now, where it does nothing.

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Why use alcohol at all ??? In the future why not just use your fingers and small tweezers to pull out the hairs?

Another very important point is that 70% isopropyl alcohol is for disinfecting NOT electronics, as it has to much water in it often with minerals which leave deposits which can short electronic circuits. 99% or very close to that is preferred and is available at electronic component supply shops.

You may also have to wash the area with pure distilled water available as pharmacies. Make sure it is completely dry before using mouse again as water will short the electrical circuits.

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