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Apple Keyboard A1243 key S stop working

Hi guys,

suddenly my key S stop working (just S) no water damage etc... do you have any idea is this can be easily fixed or I should look for new one ? As I watch some video about disassemble and it's not 5 minutes job :(

Thank you for any ideas/advice.

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Did you review the Apple Keyboard A1243 Teardown its a bear of a keyboard to open and even getting into it there is little one can do to fix a given key.

Have your tried shaking it upside down as well as using some can'ed air to try to blow the junk out that maybe stopping the keys action?

The last resort would be just to get into the back deep enough to clean things out from that direction. Otherwise its time for a new keyboard.

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thanks a lot will try and we will see :)


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