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This CD Player FM AM Radio system is now in its fourth generation of production. Originally introduced in 1984 (Radio only model, Acoustic Wave Music System). A model with a CD player was added in 1992. Earlier model depicted in photo.

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How do I dislodge a cd from the player?

I have a cd stuck in my Bose CD player. The eject button on the remote will not dislodge it. I'd read, on U-Tube no less, a few years ago that shaking the player would work Didn't and seemed a rough solution.

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I have this problem too. The CD will not eject. Any ideas how to get it to come out?


If the Drive is one with a tray. there will be a small hole on the face of the tray, usually on one side. Take a paper clip, bend it open and push it into the hole, like you would do to open the SIM tray on your phone.That should open the tray. If no tray, see my other answer.


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Stuck CDs can be caused by a number of faults.

  1. 2 CDs in the slot
  2. Bad load/unload drive belt

# Shifted mechanism

  1. other
  2. The only way to fix it is to open it up - which might be a problem with the CD stuck.

Then figure out how to release the CD.

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