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The Samsung RF28HMEDB is a 28 cu ft French door refrigerator featuring a bottom freezer drawer, with 20.06 cu ft for the fridge section and 7.94 cu ft for the freezer. It includes Twin Cooling Plus® technology, a convertible FlexZone Drawer, LED lighting, spill-proof shelves, gallon-sized door bins, and two humidity-controlled crispers.

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Ice maker button problem.

On the display, the Ice maker on and off keeps flashing over and over (with a super annoying beep), the only way to stop it is to push the control lock button. Any ideas to a cause? Everything else about the fridge seems to be working fine.

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Hi @richardlass3126

Here's how to run the Self-diagnostic function during normal operation tests, from the service manual.

Run the diagnostics and check what error codes show. The code meanings are on the following pages in the manual.

Hopefully a start to find out what's wrong.

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After running the mentioned diagnostic, no error codes came back. I wonder if this is a panel issue.



Try following the flowcharts on p.98→p100 and check the results


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