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AC-Netzadapter für MacBook, MacBookPro und MacBook Air. Ausgestattet mit einem magnetischen Stecker, der sich von selbst trennt, wenn daran gezogen wird. Die MagSafe Netzteile der ersten Generation (2006-2012) haben einen etwas dickeren L-förmigen Stecker. Erhältlich in 45 W, 60 W und 85 W.

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Broken Charger, Intermittent Charge when shut down

I recently began having a problem with my charger that came out of the blue. It had been working fine for the year and four months that I have had a Macbook Pro.

When I plugged in my charger one day last week, the led light began to blink green once every few seconds. So I reset my computer to no avail. I reset the PRAM, and that didn't work either.

However, when I shut the computer down and plug in the charger, it will charge for minutes at a time, and then blink and begin charging again a few seconds later. It does take quite a long time to fully charge the computer, over 8 hours.

I have tried a friend's charger that worked perfectly fine.

I'm not sure exactly what to do, because I am out of warranty. If I take it into the Apple store, they're probably going to tell me to buy another, and I really don't want to drop $80 when my computer will charge when shut down. Is there any way to fix this? or do you think I would be best off taking it to the Apple store and seeing what they say?

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If the issue is in the cable (between the adapter box and the computer is the most common failure) you may be able to find the break in the wire and fix it yourself. This is usually the case when a charger intermittently works but physically moving the cable breaks the connection.

If the problem is in the adapter box itself you're best bet is to just get a replacement.

Least likely, but still possible: the cable between the adapter box and the wall could have broken, in which case it separates from the adapter and can be replaced quite easily.

Good luck!

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It's definitely from the adapter to the computer...

It's weird, because the LED acknowledges that the adapter is plugged in whether the computer is shut down or not. No effort is made on my part other than to plug the adapter in to get the connection between adapter and computer.


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I have the exact same problem! And i Have gone through !*^$ to come to that conclusion! even bought a new battery!

Please let me know if you figured out:

is it a problem within the adapter or the cable from adapter to the computer?

Please stay in touch.. any input will be great!


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