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The Motorola Droid X is a smartphone manufactured by Motorola Mobility, Inc. that runs the Android 2.3 software.

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Wifi works only when the phone is an inch from the router...

i got a droid x on ebay today, and the wifi only works when im holding th ephone by the router, and even then i only get one bar.

what should i do?

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I have had mine for 18 months and just recently this same problem began on my Droid x. Thinking back I dropped it. Not so long after that I noticed I can barely pick up WiFi or satellites. 3G reception has not changed and is OK. My guess is I dislodged a connection related to the antennas when it fell. It fell from 3 feet to concrete flat on its face. I am thinking to crack it open and see, but have not got around to it just yet.

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I had the very same problem with an Android Tablet, one of the cheap "rugged" ones with no screws but a snap-on plastic cover. Basically, I dropped it on its face and then it started acting up with the wifi as it hapened to both of you.

I must advise you that my device was a tablet, not a Droid X. However, when I opened it, I found out that the fall had dislodged the metallic wire my tablet uses a wireless antenna, glued to a side of the device and affixed to a small "button" connector on the logic board. I replaced it, put a small strip of capton tape (the yellow one they use to put stuff on the motherboards) near to prevent another fall from doing the same, closed the device and now I've got full reception again.

Since portables are actually expected to take some punishment in their lifecycle, I'd see if the local repair shop is willing to crack it open for a small fee... if it's the same thing happened to my tablet, there's only an antenna to replace.


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I was having problems with WiFi at school but not at home. What I did was installed CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) from RootzWiki. Wifi is now working like a charm and I don't have any more Wifi problems.

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