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Why won't Battery door will not open on Apple Remote Model No A1156?

Would like to replace the battery in my Apple Remote. No matter what I try, the push/release mechanism will not release the battery tray. Any way to get this door open without damaging the device?

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need to get a paper clip or sort, and push down into the little hole and it flips open, to replace battery. battery type is a Panasonic CR2032 3V

Good luck

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I use the jack of my headphones, pushing it all the way down. It's thin enough, and sturdy, and doesn't scratch the button as a paper clip could do if you've got jittery hands.


This worked. You have to push harder than you would think.


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This seems to work only with the new "silver" remotes. I cannot find any way to open the original White ones. Does anyone have information on disassembling the white A1156 EMC 2086 models?

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Stefano's tip worked for my white A1156 EMC 2086 models


Ok Steve, I too, have the identical remote... and had trouble opening it. After reading the above comments, let me just confirm that you need to use a semi pointed object to press in the small round circle located on the bottom of the remote.... I used a standard size nail (as in hammer) and finally the battery tray popped loose. Note that the circle will be hollow when popped out... If somehow, the remote became sticky and the spring mechanism is gummed up, do what you need to do... like place the bottom one inch (1") in hot water being carful not to submerge the button area into the water... this should free up the geewie stuff freezing the spring loaded tray. Good Luck


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