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BGA MacBook CPU upgrade capability

Macbook Pro A1226 2.2 Ghz

I have a a1226 2.2 santa rosa MBP. I have a Intel Laptop CPU T7700 2.4ghz 800mhz FSB from a pull I worked on awhile ago. I've already reballed the chip with leaded solder. I'm about to pull the CPU from the 2.2 MBP I'm preety shure it will fit I'm wanting to know if anyone knows of any problems I would run into as far as the firmware. The a1226 MBP running the Memron chip is already 64 bit so I don't think there would be any problems. In Theory if any chip will fit the BGA it should work right?

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No, not any chip that fits the BGA will work. I am not going to take the time to do the homework for you, look at the core current and voltage requirements between the 2.


The current Voltage is the same it is just one design chip after it the last in the 65nm Memron intel family. I just having a hard time trying to Core Current any tips?


That should all be documented on the Intel web site or it will be in the schematics for the laptops. There are many utilities that pull that information in the Windows flavor, so you might try a Google on the electrical requirements of the chips. There are lots of enthusiast out there in PC land wanting to overclock, etc... - Apple throttles down and/or over builds most things. So you should be alright. I have come across problems where the power circuit wasn't strong enough for the CPU.


I did not think about this until commenting to Nick. - You may also have the "chip multiplier" that determines the relationship between the CPU and the clock frequency for it's BUS and/or the front side BUS.


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It can be done, but it's an advanced job you need a lot of experience to not botch. Not only do you need to know how to do BGA re-balling you also need to know how to work with a BGA reflow station.

I personally recommend selling this Mac and buying the one you want, or locating a machine with the same board layout and screen type (Apple switched to LED in 2008) with a broken screen to get the board you want. The risks that a CPU replacement entail aren't worth it unless you already know how to do it (most people don't)

If you decide to try, you're on your own most likely. Many people here couldn't tell you how to do BGA rework since they don't know how. This is yet another reason to recommend against this.

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+ I agree with you Nick. Not worth trying - unless you have the skills, equipment and little to nothing to lose. - Just a FYI, this will have to be Re-balled for it to work, which means more equipment, experience and expertise than BGA reworking.


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