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The bottom of the screen does not work

the bottom of my ipod screen does not work. when i try to touch an app at the bottom it does not respond. when i try to type a message the bottom row of keys will not respond. Help!!!!

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jblisset, try a restore. Make sure you have a backup of your data. If the restore does not work, I believe that you are due for a new digitizer. The best way to replace it is by installing the complete assembly. Instructions are hereand the part is here. Hope this helps, good luck.

iPod touch (3rd Gen) Front Panel Assembly Bild


iPod touch (3rd Gen) Front Panel Assembly


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Thanks the new screen worked!!!!!!!!


my ipod is the same but i havent been able to use any space or the symbol or anything else i can use the words but thats about it i think its the sensor is it time to get a new ipod or? its a 4 generation thanks


@marikah, replace the front display panel. It does sound like your digitizer is broken.


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how exactly do you restore?

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