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Veröffentlicht im Juni 2009 / 2.66, 2.8 oder 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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replacement hd can it be used external but reads internally

I bought HD and wondering if I use it as an external HD with the supplied HD cover when I go to install an OS on it will it read it as if it is installed internally and let me install or will it read it as externally and not allow me to install the program.. example the chrome flex needs an internal HD to install to and it knows when I have an external HD attached and will not install to it... so will this drive be recognized by chrome flex as being internal or external?

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Mac’s can boot up from a correctly configured macOS drive either internally or externally.

But with that said, the given system may need firmware updating to support the given drive. The issue is Apple upgraded the file structure from HFS+ to APFS so older systems which requires macOS’s from Sierra and older can’t support the newer which is within High Sierra and newer, ideally you want Mojave as High Sierra has a few issues

Lastly, the drive can be setup externally and then installed internally. You might encounter a boot issue as the system is expecting the current boot drive, but we can work around that using the Option key startup option.

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thanks but so far not helped


@davidclouthier - Let’s start again… What is your exact system? Apple has produced MacBooks for quite a few years, so my generic answer is just that generic! Also what are you trying here, what external SSD drive. Give us details and if you have an issue please explain.


@danj Hi it is a MacBook Pro MODEL A1286 S# W89404PH7XJ I think mid to late 2009 last time it worked it was running os El Capitain. I mistakenly used disk utilities and I erased the upper level HD and recovery section of this Macbook. so when I try to boot up I get a flashing folder. I have tried every option for recovery with nothing other than a flashing folder I guess cuz I deleted what the Macbook needs to do recovery. I took it to the Apple store last summer they tried to install OS but could not so told me to go to Amazon to get a new hard drive and then try internet recovery. I now have a hard drive coming from Ifixit. do I have to install this into my Macbook or can it be used externally.. will this new hard drive allow me to reinstall the OS that is now missing in it.... or am I wasting my money and this cannot be fixed? this is the problem that I have been trying to fix but up till now have failed and so have all the YouTube videos also failed me. I guess this is my last hope to get this fixed...


@davidclouthier - OK, that explains things! So first off you need a bootable OS installer drive to prep the drive you are installing.

Do you have access to a second Mac system, you’ll also need a 32GB thumb drive to setup.


yes i have another imac running el captain and I do believe I may still have a os installer or I may have deleted it when I found out it did not work when I tried to boot up with it in my mac book


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