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The Acer Spin 713 Chromebook is a 2-in-1 convertible laptop designed and manufactured by Acer. It is part of the Spin series and is specifically built to run on the Chrome OS.

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Screen won't turn on

I have the Acer spin c713-2w Chromebook and the screen is black. It does turn on if I connect it to an external monitor so that's good. Everything else is fine except screen. I think it might be the cable for the LCD that's routed through the hinge. How do I get to that cable or how do I get the cable from the hinge?

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Have you downloaded and read the Service Manual yet?

Acer Spin 714 Service Manual

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I didn't even think about the service manual. I'm so happy. I'm nervous about messing around inside but the manual has good pictures with step by step instructions. This is exactly what I needed to have on hand for my Chromebook. Thanks for your help and wish me luck!


Hi @stiurg

That's alright. Remember slowly, slowly, step by step. Good luck!


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