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The GameCube is Nintendo's fourth console gaming system. Repair is simple and requires only common tools.

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Only when disk tray is closed I have '' An error has occurred ''

My gamecube is booting fine, but if i have my disk tray closed or when a small sound coming from the disk reader ( still with the disk tray closed ) it will show me a red error message with the text : An error has occurred. Turn the Power Off and check the Nintendo GameCube Instruction Booklet for further instructions fix

I tried to boot the gamecube with the disk tray open, i don't have the small startup sound with the animation, it just shows gamecube, then it goes to the main menu. If i do this and then close my disk tray the error is coming back and i have to restart my gamecube.

It do exactly the same with a game.

I don't really understand what is happening, i checked the potentiometer ( it's between 150-250 ohm ) and my lens is not dirty or anything. This is really related to the disk tray and i don't get what could be the problem here. Probably the disk reader but where and what cause this ?

If someone have an answer at least to understand what is happening here it would be really nice.


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Possibly the lid switch sensors are failing or the contacts inside the module are dirty.


@rebtech hello ! Thanks for your answer. I looked into it but the lid switch sensors look good, and he is working because at the moment i press it the disc is turning. It’s just about a few seconds the disc stop a bit, i can see the laser turning off just for a small second then it goes back to turning with the laser but i have the error i already gave before. I can ear something when the laser is going off, disc spinning slower and the error, it looks like being into the disk reader but not sure.

If you know what else it could be or if i’m wrong somewhere tell me.



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Check the potentiometer first.

The factory settings of the potentiometer varied from DOL-001 with a value range of 450 ohm - 600 ohm while the DOL-101 had a value range of 150 ohm - 250 ohm.

If this is all good, then most likely the laser failed. Lid sensor is OK, as it does want to read when you close the lid (if the sensor was broken, then you wont even get the error message).

Could also be the worm motor or the spindle. But 80% of the time it’s the laser..

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Definitely make sure you have the correct laser readings for the correct model.

I've seen an increasing number of older disc drives from various devices beginning to fail because the caps, or even resistors, are getting too old and no longer holding their proper value. For example a lot of og xbox disc drives are playing up these days or outright "failing" because their resistor packs have become too resistive, beyond spec and outside of fault tolerance. There are a number of possible causes which are not always the laser, especially now that these devices are so old and well worn. If the laser measures correct, and the motors are all doing their jobs, then perhaps it's time to start checking the cabling, capacitors, and resistors. Even inspect for corrosion or trace rot.

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True! I also saw this happening sometimes.

If this is the case you can re-cap them with this kit: https://console5.com/store/gamecube-opti...

Or actually buy a new PCB: https://www.ebay.com/itm/386102650675


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