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Replacing external HD (power enclosure still good)

My external HD has died — just the 3.5" drive (Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 PATA 250 [GB], Ultra ATA/100, ST3250823A) -- the LaCie power enclosure appears to still be good (ports are two FW80o, one FW400, one USB2.0.)

Newegg offers 320 GB as well as 250 GB Ultra ATA/100 drives — any reason why I couldn't go to the larger capacity?

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I have six of the older LaCie external enclosures, the heavy duty metal ones. In two I have used the Western Digital 500GB Caviar Blue PATA drives, WD500AAKB with no problems. I like these enclosures because they are very rugged, well built and some have the 400, 800 FW and USB connectors. Just wish I could use the cheaper, larger SATA drives in them also.

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Not Detecting On My Pc , Pc Not Starting It Shows Disk Boot Failure Now What Should I Do To Make It Start And Get All Of My Data's

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