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The Olympus Stylus Tough-8010 is a waterproof point-and-shoot camera. It first came out in February 2010 in blue, black, and silver, and has since ceased production.

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Camera won't stay turned on and she's sentimental pls help <3!

I know this is a long shot at getting a response but I absolutely adore this camera and don't have anywhere close to have it looked at so I may as well try !!

The camera can turn on, but the lens cover doesn't open, and it makes strange error/malfunction noises, then the lens cover flicks open and closed clickly before the camera shuts itself off.

If I bump the lens cover open a bit while it's turned on for a short period I can see out of it which is why I don't think the lens itself is an issue,

It's also interesting that the camera seems to work as normal (no weird noises) when it's on charge (the cover stays up but i think that's normal for when it's charging)- I can turn it on and it doesn't shut itself off

Any information on troubleshooting would be so so helpful, thankyou <33

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let me guess...she used the internal storage instead of a stand alone sd card? Just wondering.

I would first try...buying some electrical cleaner (spray can) at walmart . Take the battery out....grab an old tooth brush...spray inside the battery compartment....& the battery leads on the lithium battery- scrub a dub dub the battery leads on both cam & battery.. Blow out the whole camera with a can of Air. Put it back together recharge the battery. Turn on again....if it continues to to act up then I would buy a replacement battery. If a battery is damaged or weak, it will cause the camera to make funny noises as it struggles to do its job. My 2 cents.

Battery ---> https://tinyurl.com/Cam-battery


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I'm assuming this camera is very old as it is from 2010, this means that you may have to replace the battery.

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