Controller won't always read stick input fully

I assume this is a similar issue to the stick drift and that following the same guide for that could work out, but Thought I may as well post a question first to see if anyone has a better idea of it.

Basically if I fully tilt the joystick on my left controller forward it will (inconsistently) read as only being about 60-70% forward. This means if I want to move at a decent clip in any games I've gotta go sideways or backwards, lol.

I'm hopeful that inconsistent nature of the issue could just mean it needs a cleaning especially since the controllers is in pretty good physical integrity (It has a hit a wall or three, but never so hard as to chip any plastic or anything. Just some paint streaks on it now, lolol) but impacts at all could totally have knocked something loose internally.

I think what caused it is the same as most- playing a game that has you click down on the stick to do something like running, so you end up pressing forward and down on the stick multiple times and the potentiometers get real sad about it

Any insight or educated guesses would be awesome to hear, thanks for taking the time here in any case!

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