Why isn't replacement battery recognized?

I've tried several replacement batteries and none of them will boot up after installation. I was able to get each of them to work by installing them with the charger plugged in BUT, if you sign out or power it off it's back to square one.. no recognition of the battery and no boot up. FYI, I've tried after market and OEM batteries with the same result. Does anyone have a solution or explanation?

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Hey there Barry,

Are you plugging in your device and allowing it to charge once you've swapped out the battery? The Chromebook will enter a storage state whenever the battery is disconnected, and will exit it once plugged in.

Also, is your old battery able to be recognized by your device?


Thanks for responding Jacob! Yes, I charged the new battery to 100% and yes, the old battery is recognized when I reinstalled it.


@barry7776 Where did you get these batteries from?


#1 was from Amazon, a brand called Asodi (clearly after market), #2 was from laptopbatteryexpress.com which was supposed to be OEM but did not say Acer on it like the original, so it was suspect and #3 was from Ebay (CDS Micro) which they claimed was OEM.. it did have the Acer logo on it and was identical in appearance to my original battery. FYI, I did call Acer after battery #2 failure and they referred me to a company called SourceIT which reps Acer parts. They sell the OEM battery for $150 (with a restocking fee of 25% if it doesn't work for me) so I balked given the my experience to date. Thanks again for helping me out here!!


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