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Die vierte Generation des Fairphone, hergestellt vom sozialen Unternehmen gleichen Namens. Durchgeführt im Oktober 2021.

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People can't hear me well without speaker

When I make or take a call, people on the other end can't hear me at all, or with the speaker mode they her me badly. Is there anything I can do? Can I change the microphone?

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Hi @murdock4123

The Fairphone 4 has 3 microphones.

They are positioned behind holes in the phone, located on the top, the bottom and the left side of the phone when looking at the screen.

Is the phone in a protective case at all?

If so check that the holes aren't being covered by the case.

The microphone on the bottom is usually used when using the phone in normal mode i.e. phone held close to face/mouth. The voice inlet hole may have become blocked with lint/dust etc. Try using a vacuum cleaner to see if you can clear it. Do not use a pin or probe to try and clear it as you may damage the microphone located behind the hole.

The microphone on the left side is usually used when using the phone in speaker mode so first check that you're not accidentally covering it up with your hand when making a call in that mode. If still no good try clearing the hole using a vacuum cleaner and try again.

I think that the microphone at the top is used for noise cancellation purposes but I'm not entirely sure of this.

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