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How clean dust and fingermarks inside screen


ive got marks on my screen in middle,they look like fingerprints but i cant clean them out,in store they told me its inside, cause hits to the backside of display...but on back ive got two visible marks but they on diferrent place than what i mean...they just said we dont know..

the other marks what look like dust is on both sides of screen.

so the question is its possible open the screen and get in the middle where the dirt is?

thank you.


ps.glossy screen

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Use this guide to open the display and clean inside. You'll want to use an anti-static screen cleaner or you'll have dust inside instead of fingerprints.

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thanks machead3 for answer,but

this guide its for how to get rid of the frame of the display..if ill follow it its end with the same problem..i need to get under neath...if its posibble..i saw causes a bug got into the same place so i live in hope i can get there too ;]


Then properly ID your mac and you'll find the right guide.


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i didnt any guide what is solving my problem in any kind of mac..btw i think it will be very similar if it will be possible..

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