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Model A1419 / Ende 2013 / 3,2 und 3,4 GHz Core i5 oder 3,5 GHz Core i7 Prozessor, ID iMac14,2

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Why iMac gets stuck on every attempt to start it?

I start my iMac and when it gets to the middle of the loading bar it just restarts and does this endlessly. It doesn't have any OS installed, I believe. When I start with the key C press it shows the macintosh hd and the recovery disk. I try to start with the recovery disk and it gets stuck. I even tried starting with a bootable ubuntu usb drive and it also gets stuck. I run diagnostic (power on and key D) and no problem was identified.

When I gave up and put the iMac away I noticed the center lower region of the iMac was extremely hot. What should I suspect might be the problem?

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It sounds like you’ve passed the hardware side of POST, the system is now trying to IPL which is a collection of OS files on the drive.

Here we need Apples OS files. Using other OS’s like Ubuntu then creates there own IPL files on the drive.


Is the drive working? A HDD can encounter issues within its drive which won’t allow the OS to work. A SSD can also encounter issues.

The proper way to proceed is using a second Mac system is to create a bootable OS installer 32GB USB thumb drive which you use to boot up the system and using the Disk Utilities within it to delete the portions and then reformat the drive. Then install a fresh copy of the OS.

As far as the warm spot you are likely feeling the power supply, but until you have a working OS to get past the IPL phase it’s hard to tell if there is something more here.

Download the required macOS - Catalina (10.15.x) for your system from here on the second Mac How to download and install macOS then follow this guide Create a bootable installer for macOS

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Hi. Thanks for your help.

I did all you suggested. When I select the bootable drive, the mac restarts and gets stuck during loading, just like before. Other times it shows the message "your computer restarted because of a problem. press key..." in different languages.

I don't know how healthy the SSD might be. But if the problem is the SSD, it shouldn't interfere with starting from the bootable drive, right?


@telmo59609 - Check the OS installer is working correctly on a known working system the installers OS will work on.

Also see if the Startup command Option key allows you to select the USB drive.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


Checked on my other mac and the usb drive does work correctly.

When I start the faulty iMac, I press the option (alt) key and it shows 3 drives (macintohs hd. recovery and the bootable drive). I pick the the third one and happens what i previously described.


@telmo59609 - How much RAM does this system have? Let’s pull half of the RAM out. Test again, then swap to the other RAM if it still fails.

If this fails the logic board PCH logic has an issue, otherwise it’s the RAM.

A very odd failure for sure!


It has 32gb of RAM, which seems to be OK. Must be the logic board, which is located exactly where the imac gets burning hot. I need to think if I want to make a project out of it or accept it's death. Most be expensive, if not difficult to find a second hand logic board. I wonder if it would make a nice linux machine.


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