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The seventh-generation Golf had its début in late 2012 at the Paris Motor Show.

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Why can't I change the language settings

How do I change language settings on my radio to english

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To change the language settings on the radio of a 2012-2019 Volkswagen Golf to English, follow these general steps:

1. Access Settings Menu: Turn on your car's ignition without starting the engine. This will power up the radio. Navigate to the main menu or settings menu on your radio display screen. This is usually done using the buttons or touchscreen interface on the radio.

2. Language Settings: Once you're in the settings menu, look for an option related to language or language settings. Depending on the model of your Golf and the software version of the radio system, this option might be labeled differently. It could be something like "Language," "Sprache" (German for language), or represented by a language icon.

3. Select English: Scroll through the available language options until you find "English" or "Englisch." Select this option to change the language setting to English.

4. Confirm and Exit: After selecting English, confirm your choice if prompted. The radio display should now switch to English. Exit the settings menu and return to the main radio interface to see the changes.

If you're having trouble finding the language settings or if the specific steps vary for your Golf model, refer to the owner's manual of your car for detailed instructions. It should provide specific guidance on how to change the language settings on the radio.

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It's in japanese


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To change the language settings on your 2012-2019 Volkswagen Golf radio to English, follow these steps:

1. **Turn on the Radio**: Start your car and turn on the radio system.

2. **Access the Settings Menu**: Look for a "Settings" button on the radio interface or touchscreen. If there isn't a dedicated button, use the control knobs or touchscreen to navigate to the main menu.

3. **Select Language**: Within the settings menu, look for an option related to language settings. It might be labeled as "Language," "Sprache," or a similar term depending on the current language.

4. **Choose English**: Once you've located the language settings, select "English" from the list of available languages.

5. **Save and Confirm**: After selecting English, save your changes by following the on-screen prompts or using a confirm button.

6. **Restart if Needed**: Some changes might require a restart of the radio system. If prompted, restart the system to apply the new language settings.

If you're having trouble finding the settings or if the language you're currently seeing is unfamiliar, use the car's manual for detailed instructions.

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