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Der iMac G5 hat den PowerPC G5 Prozessor, dieser wurde erstmals im August 2004 veröffentlicht.

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How can I fix the Medium Write Error?

When burning a CD from iTunes or GarageBand it say's Failed Medium Write Error

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Thank's', I reduced the writing speed to half - and I got it finally after corrupting a bunch of cd's. (:


I tried that (from 8x to 4x) but it still failed. My theory is 4.7 GB discs won't hold even 4.1 Gb without failing particularly if there are several files/menus etc involved


You guys are awesome, just want to thank you for solving my medium write error issue. Did what u suggested by lowering burn speed and voila it worked like a charm. Thanks again


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Burn speed is one of the possible factors related to this problem. In iTunes->Burn Playlist to Disc->Choose Options: Choose the option from the Preferred Speed pop-up menu, Change the CD recording speed, Specify a burn speed that is lower than the maximum speed rating for your optical drive. (try 1/2 that maximum speed )

Other possible variables:

BE sure the disc is clean. Wipe the shiny surface with a soft, damp cloth, working from center to edge.

Do not move, bump, or shake the computer while the disc is being burned.

Use blank discs that are rated for the burn speed of your drive, or consider using a different brand of disc (excessively cheap or off-brand optical disks are known to have problems).

Quit all open applications you’re not using.

If your startup disk is nearly full, try to free up space on it. The amount of free space on the startup disk needs to be greater than the amount of data you’re burning. Erase unnecessary files. Back up files you don’t use often, and then remove them.

Repair your startup disk with Disk Utility, in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder.

If none of the above possible fixes work you could have a damaged optical disk drive.

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I don't know where I am supposed to mark accepted, and I don't know if my response has posted. But I had to join in order to submit, so forgive me if this is a double post. But I am really excited and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated find your answer to my problem. So here it is again!

Wow! DROP THE BURN SPEED! I generally don't respond to these. I just find the answer I am looking for and then go on about my business. But I just have to tell you, I have been suffering with this error message for about a week. I am using an iMac5.1, 2 GHZ,, Intel Core 2 Duo, when the drive took a dive while I was attempting to burn an IMovie on Christmas Eve. I tried different blanks, and switched to another brand. Same thing happened -- the Miedium Write Error message. Then I switched over to iTunes to burn a music CD -- uh-oh - same message. I have checked other posts on the subject, cleaned the drive (I am a smoker so I figure second-hand smoke gunk in the drive along with dust and dirt since the opening is uncovered on the side of the all-in-one system). Then I ran disk utility - all is working fine. I ran another search for the answer. I really figured it was about time for the optical drive to be replaced after having used it many a time over the years. THEN I DROPPED THE BURN SPEED. It has always been set to maximum (24x, I guess.) What did I have to lose. I dropped from 24 to 16. I could have tried 20x, But hey, I am in no hurry. BAM! My cd burned beautifully!

Thank you, thank you thank you!



Karen - thanks for the positive feed back, and, now that you're a member under the actions link click "Accept as Solution" (only the original "asker" can do this in one move) and other moderators will finish the task.


Thank you so much Sir MacHead3; you made it work for me, so I could create and Burn a Very Important Music CD for my wife.. Thank you again!!


How to repair your startup disk with Disk Utility, to be more specific..IF you're using a MAC & your using CD-RW, once you open "Disc-Utility" click on the first one that displays [HL-DT-ST RW] then Erase Completely" whatever preferred speed you where using on iTunes, change it. The speed the CD RW may say "24x compatible", therefore use 24x if problem persist, try 12x maybe 16x for Audio CD format. Make sure if your going to click on "MP3 disc format" that you create an MP3 version playlist, because if your trying to burn files your purchased from iTunes, keep in mind iTunes uses AAC audio files, make sure iTunes is on full screen, click on the songs, hold down shift, and at the same time move the arrow down and click on the last song in order to highlight all the songs. Then right click "Create MP3 version" wait for it, then delete the regular version. Then go to your playlist that you created, because that's what you have to do to make it possible to burn a disc on your iTunes library.


P.S if you are creating an MP3 disc.. Be Sure when you delete the AAC files, be sure (in order to save time), DO NOT UNCLICK the blue highlighted songs, the ones's highlighted are the the AAC files you want to delete! in the first place, rather left click in order to display the menu bar and simply click delete the ones highlighted.


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Thank you I was trying to do this for quite some time and finally I got it now thank you so much that was very helpful

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