After screen replacement iPod is not recognized by computer/turn on

I have been following a guide on how to replace the screen unit on my ipod touch 4g. It's been going well in general, but the hardest part was snapping the digitizer cable back into place.

When I finally got it, I connected the screen power and tried pressing the sleep button. No activity (screen didn't even glow white as it had previously done when the digitizer cable was removed but power cable was plugged in). Additionally, I tried connecting it to my computer in hopes that it would be recognized but it wasn't.

As far as I can tell, I haven't broken ANY cables (including the volume button ribbon cable on the left of the unit), which makes it very difficult to figure out what is not working. I have a cheap voltimeter/ammeter and I was wondering if I could touch certain terminals to possibly find out where power is supposed to be flowing but isn't.

Any help on where to start in this process is appreciated. I would try ordering a bunch of parts right away but where I live it usually takes weeks for them to arrive.

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Hi, I don't have an answer for you but I do have a question, I recently changed the screen on my ipod touch 4g, it all went really well, I plugged it in to charge, the back of it above the apple logo got really hot and now its totally dead. Did you have any of these issues. Thanks


Fortunately I didn't have that issue. From my experience with repairs, that's not a terribly good sign. I'm no professional but the top/back of the ipod is where the battery terminals are located. Might be some sort of short.

As an update to my previous post, the ipod and the screen both turned on for a couple of seconds after I had pressed the power button a few times. It got recognized by the computer for a couple seconds as well and then it shut off and I haven't been able to get it working again since. So I'm starting to think that none of the ribbon cables were damaged after all, but I still don't know the source of the issue.


Thanks for that Mark, far as I could tell the repair was perfect, Ive repaired about a dozen 4th gen touches and this is the first one to go wrong. I suppose my luck had to run out sometime. Ive changed the battery in mine since with no luck, the terminals on the ipod touch 4 are down the bottom by the charging dock, still nothing, I'm thinking it might have blown the continuous charge fuse or something similar, Im going to check it with the multi meter on monday, this might be what has happened yours


Oh... I saw 2 terminals on the top-back of the circuit board that seem to run to the battery... maybe I was mistaken. Aside from logical deduction I won't claim to know the workings of this machine. Human technology is astounding.

What you said about the multimeter definitely interests me - I have a multimeter but I don't really know how to use them to check for problems on something like this. Any hints?


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