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A highly popular bike series produced by Yamaha from 1987-1995 including the Genesis and Exup models.

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Why does it keep stalling?

Sorry to bother everyone i need help with this issue the bike ran fine for two days until i burned some gas out of it this is a gravity fed bike and it just stalls and will not restart without some extra spark why is this please help me


sorry i have a 1987 yamaha fzr 1000 i put 3/4 of a tank of gas rode around for approx 5 hours the last two days and had just under 1/4 tank of gas left in the motorcycle i was sitting at a streetlight and it was idling a little hard when the light changed i accelerated and it died i pushed it home and let it sit for 3 hours and had to attach booster cables from my truck to the bike then it started back up but ran very rough and would barely stay running it would not start without the booster cables but it ran with no issues whatsoever the last two days

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Hi i have a problem with my yamaha fzr1000 exup when cold driving very nice but when it get worm it starts loosing pawer and wants to stall can anyone help me ?

When i got the bike it had problem with the exup valve it was stuck but i fixed it ...but it still have problem when it gets worm

Thanks and would be happy if i got help what i can fix it


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adam, not sure what you mean by gravity fed bike. From what I got while studying the service manual is, that your FZR does have a fuel pump. So I would start by downloading the service manual from here. then start systematically. Start with your fuel tank. Make sure that your cap is vented, make sure all hoses are without cracks and connected. Check the fuel filter, it is possible that it got occluded with gunk when sediments, rust, etc got sucked into the filter. It does start if you use a battery boost, to me that would mean that your battery is going to get run down to. Check the cells to make sure that none of them is shorted. Clean all your electrical connectors. Right now, I would concentrated on fuel delivery. Tank>lines>Pump>Filter>Carbs>Sparkplugs>timing.

Hope this helps, good luck.

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It could be a dead battery or (and I've had to replace this recently on my '99 yamaha over very similar symptoms) voltage rectifier regulator.

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92 fzr runs good at idle but when I got through the gears it'll bog down like it's flooded and after sitting a few it'll fire back up it's only when I ride that this happens


same here when i take off the bike boggs badly and dies i have a 93 fzr1000


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