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Erschienen am 21. Juli 20122. Core i5 oder i7 Prozessoren. Thunderbolt. Dieser Mini kann auch als Mac Mini Server gefahren werden.

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Is it possible to set up three monitors?

I'm thinking of purchasing a mac mini, but need it to be able to support three monitors (extended desktops, not mirrored). The monitors would be a combination of DVI and HDMI (most likely 2 DVI and 1 HDMI). Is this possible, and if so, what would I need?

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Looks like you can. I found this answer at the link listed below:

I have exactly the setup you describe, with a 2010 Mac Mini, with three Samsung 245BWs even. The same setup will work with a 2011 Mini as well. Just don't get anything older.

In my rig, one monitor is connected to the Mini's mini-DisplayPort port (with a mini-Displayport to HDMI cable), one is connected to the Mini's HDMI port (with an HDMI-DVI adapter), and the third is connected using a DisplayLink USB dongle of dubious Chinese manufacture.

All three run at the monitor's default 1920x1200 resolution. The two 'real' connections are fast and great for video and games, but the USB one is noticeably slower for video, so I deliberately use that one for e-mail, web, iTunes, and all those other 'on the side' applications.

The same would work with a 2011 (current) Mini, just sub in "Thunderbolt port" for mini-DisplayPort above.

When choosing a USB/HDMI adaptor, the key word you want is DisplayLink, and you must watch the specs VERY closely to be sure that 1920x1200 is supported. Many only work up to 1080, which is not quite enough. It took me three tries.


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+1 for completeness, research and... because it's a really uncommon occurrence to study. I've heard of USB adapter with a small monitor for phone applications: thanks to this question and your answer I guess I'll make up my decision too. +1 to both.


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HDMI for 1 monitor, Display port to HDMI or DVI for 2nd monitor. These I have on mine. For the third monitor try a video card that connects to Mini's USB port and has a HDMI output. I have one made by a company called Sabrent and used it successfully for a 2nd monitor on a now defunct PC. It might work.

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