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How to replace the volume/lock ribbon cable?

Okay well my lock button Stopped working on me do I decided to buy a new flex cable for the iPod touch 4th gen. However, when it came time to replace it, I was able to detatch it from the lock button itself, but as I worked my way to the volume rockers I noticed there were 2 little tiny square like things on top of the ribbon cable. How do I take those off so I can proceed with installation? Thanks!

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I found a couple of videos that might be of help to you. In fact, they should be exactly what you're looking for.

This one is the full break down of the iPod Touch 4th Gen, including all the steps you'll need to fully access the volume/lock ribbon cable:


And this one deals with the removal of that ribbon cable, and the bit you're having trouble with, directly:


Either unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your skills and equipment, the ribbon cable requires a bit of soldering to replace.

Hope that's good news!

And best of luck.

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if you go to amazon.com you can get a soldering iron for only 4$ and you can also watch videos on youtube to learn how to solder

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