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Repair guides and support for the first generation Town Car, a full-size luxury sedan manufactured by Lincoln.

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Transmission slipping in high gear

I have an '89 Town Car that has been sitting for about an year. I drove it the other day, and after driving for a while I noticed that the car seemed to slip in drive at about 45 mph


Even with the car sitting up,burnt od bans. trying to stay out of the shop. Won't it hurt it to drive to autozone?

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It depends how far you have to go and what speeds you will go :-) if it is the bands, you may have to get it overhauled anyway, but it is also possible that there are other causes....right now its just a guessing game. The reason why I suggest an engine analyses is because there could be other reasons for this as well. Your car, at 45mph, switches into O/D overdrive and this is where your transmission sleeps. So, of course that is why it is possible that it is your O/D bands, but the Town Car also had issues with some of the coil packs, and this caused the transmission computer to act really weird. It will pay off to get an actual diagnosis, since we can not see or hear and touch your vehicle. You should be okay to drive a relatively short distance, and try to keep the overdrive off. Of course an Oil and Filter change may not be a bad idea either. As long as it is not one of the back flushes, but an actual drop the pan and clean the filter job.


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Walter, I would first make sure that all your fluids are at proper level. Also, have the Towncar placed on an analyzer, ie. Autozone etc, that does it for free and see what codes come up, if any. I also suggest to stay away from transmission flushes, since I find they make things worse. The cause could be burnt O/D bands. You may consider a Tranny shop for some diagnostics...Hope this helps, good luck.

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