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MacBook Pro Modelle mit 15-Zoll Display

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Why can't my MacBook Pro update!

i earsed a lot of my data but it still says that i can't update because my memory is full !!!!!!! what should i do!!


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ok here is the last three digits RJC


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You could purchase a bigger hard drive and install it which would free up lots of space. I had this problem on a 250 GB hard drive so I installed a 1 TB hard drive which gave me plenty of space and used Carbon Copy Cloner to transfer data over. If you give me the last 3 digits of your serial number then I can point you in the right direction.

Hope this Helps.

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last three digits: RJC


THANKS YOU HELPED A LOT!!! AND YOU ARE RIGHT, i'll purchase a harddrive for extra space!!


What size hard drive do you have in the Mac at this time? You can see by hitting about this mac -> more info -> storage tab. When you tell me the hard drive capacity and I can give you several hard drive options and the installation guide.


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