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Repair information for the 6th generation iPod nano. Released in September of 2010. Model Number: A1366.

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iPod Nano 6th survives wash, but screen doesn't work after replacement

After being rescued from the washing machine 10 days ago and living in a sealed box with silica gel then submerged in rice, I thought my nano was toast but surprisingly, all was not lost.

The touch screen worked, it was able to sync (and was restored) and could play music just fine. The only problem - the screen under the digitizer doesn't work.

So I purchased on from eBay, which arrived today - followed the guide on iFixit, but unfortunately it did not work either.

There doesn't appear to be any signs of water damaged from the washer (not build up of any suds!) but I'm a little lost.

Anyone have any ideas or tricks that I could try?



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Tom, if you have a new display and it is all dark, double check your connector for any bend and especially. corroded pins. Clean the logic board thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol as well as all the connectors. Just a bit of corrosion can lead to failure. An ultrasonic cleaning would be great, of you have access to it. Jewelers have those machines to clean some of their merchandise. The only other thing that could be at fault is a shortened inductor/coil or a short in the backlight circuitry. Since it is an iDevice, it will be extremely difficult to find any diagrams for this.

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I wonder where the backlight circuit/IC is?


Do you have your iPod disassembled? Post some clear high resolution images with your question that you posted as an answer, lets see if we can figure it out:-)


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