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Steering slips on murray rider

The steering is slipping when it's in any kind of bind,I'm looking for a diagram on the steering for a murray 14.5hp 42in.deck riding mower.

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Mike, you got a model number for the Murray?


All I have is the model # off the engine..I've been looking at this and what I have is a gear on the end of the steering column that works a flat fan type gear that operates the steering rods to the front wheels.It works fine when the wheels are off the ground but the gear slips when there is weight on the front wheels.


That looks simular it's probably a newer version...I think my mower is probably an early 90's model I bought it used last yrs.I've checked all the nuts n bolts that I can get to.Thanks for the info...


Try to move the parts that have the slotted bolt holes closer to the pinion.


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Attached an image of a murray steering and hope it resembles what you have. Since it s working with no load on the wheels, but fails with a load, check the mounting screws and make sure that they are A. tight and B. That your steering is mounted so that the gears match. If the rack or the gear are loose or to far apart, they may spread under load and this cold cause slipping. Of course, also check the gear sector and the pinion gear for excessive wear.

Block Image

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